We’re proud to announce that on October 7th, we’ll be launching a brand new version of the Tryyb (formerly the Knowledge Vault app).

This represents the culmination of months of hard work from our team, and we couldn’t be prouder of  the huge improvements in usability and stability that this update will bring.

Behind the scenes, we’ve completely rebuilt the app from the ground up. This removes all of the blockers that kept us from keeping it as up to date as we like. So going forward, you can expect more regular improvements to the mobile experience.

This is a huge deal. If you had any reservations about using the app in your organization, this is the time to give it a try.

Without much further ado, what’s inside of this update?

The new and improved Tryyb (formerly Knowledge Vault) App

Updated: Branding and Name

For those of you that don’t have a custom version of the app and have been using the Knowledge Vault App the name of the app is changing from Knowledge Vault to Tryyb, following our plan to slowly sunset the Knowledge Vault name. .

We will be sending out notifications to users via email to make sure they are properly informed of the update.

If your organization is using a white-labelled version of the app, the branding change will not affect you.

New: Homepages

We’re finally able to bring the web homepage into your app! Your resources, banners, and other customizations will now be there when you log into it, just like the desktop version of Tryyb.

In addition, we have some new mobile specific customization options available. If you would like to get fancy with your mobile landing page, reach out to our team and we can walk you through them.

Updated: Inbox

The Tryyb inbox is a secure and HIPAA compliant alternative to traditional messaging options that more and more of our customers are taking advantage of.

We’re introducing big improvements to make the inbox easier to use. This includes better notifications, better search, and a much needed facelift. In addition, you can now add videos, photo albums and library items to messages from the app.

Staying connected to your team on the go has never been easier. If you are still passing sensitive information through your email, consider trying out our inbox feature.

New: Updated Teamboard

The mobile Teamboard now matches the design and functionality of its website counterpart. This includes posting, liking, commenting, attaching files, etc. Anything you can do on the site you can now do from the app.

We’re also sneaking in some improvements to support markdown formatting, another exciting update we have coming up. Stay posted for more on that later.

In the meantime, teamboards now support emoji’s! Go give it a try! (My favorite is the guy with the cowboy hat. 🤠  Look how happy it makes him!)

New: Better Push Notifications

Push notifications were hit or miss in the previous version of the app. You were never sure what you would get notified for. And clicking on one didn’t always take you where you expected.

Users will now get push notifications for more types of content (and get correctly guided to them):

– New inbox messages
– Teamboard posts and comments
– Notices when a video is done encoding
– Reminders or updates to calendar events
– Bug notices
– Alerts when the status or conversation to a relevant To Do is updated


Getting the New App

Our goal is to have the new app available on the Android and Apple app stores on October 7th. We will notify our customers when it’s available. People who have a previous version of the app installed may need to initiate the update to see the changes.

If you need help with communication strategy or ways to onboard users, or are interested in customizing or even white-labelling the app for your users, feel free to reach out to us.

Again, if your organization has a custom branded version of the app we will reach out to your admin before the update happens and the name of your app will not be changing in the app stores just the new functionality will be updated.